What Are Fractals And Why Do They Matter

Many people have heard of fractals before. This is a mathematical idea based upon the concept that infinite patterns can be found within patterns. They will simply repeat themselves, continuing on to infinity, most of which are extremely complex within this ongoing feedback loop. It can be very difficult, staring at these patterns, especially if they are on an animated gift. It is the combination of chaos theory, mixed with pure mathematics, made into a geometric format.

Why Do Fractals Exist?

If concepts about infinity are true, and we also have mathematical computations which indicate that things can go on forever, why not represent these in a mathematical form. Most people do not know that for every geometric form that we have there is a numeric equivalent, and with that numeric equivalent, you can also represent that with sound. In all three of these are put together, you could actually create a repeating image that will play in infinite tune. For some, this does represent ordered chaos, such as with the famous Mandelbrot Set, which is simply a computer-generated mathematical equation that repeats itself infinitely.

How Can Fractals Be Helpful?

Fractals can be helpful for understanding things in nature. For example, nature itself is based upon fractals. You can use mathematical equations that are also related to nature such as Pi, all of which can be found in things like seashells, hurricanes, mountains, and even coastlines. It gives us a way to identify the fact that nature is in itself mathematical, and its representation is both numeric and visual. For mathematicians this is very interesting, but as for the common person that would not care, it’s just enough to say that fractals exist and they can, for some, be helpful in understanding nature.

Fractals may very well represent the integration of thoughts of infinity mixed with geometry. It could also be said that paintings, trees, and even gravel that is spilled on the road house some purpose or meaning. Fractals could also help us understand how we could be just part of a larger creature, simply a cell on the body of something we could never comprehend. If fractals do represent the true nature of the universe, this would not be a far-fetched idea at all.